1. Introduction

1.1 24Vivo, offers a complete range of gambling products. The following terms and conditions govern the use of all online products and services. Any use of the Service will be considered as an unconditional and immediate acceptance by the player of all the points of these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 These Terms and Conditions ("T&C") apply to the use of the Games through 24Vivo.com ("Website") through the enabling related to the Internet, mobile devices or other platforms of yours ("You" or " the player").

1.3 These T&C constitute a binding agreement between you and 24Vivo.com.

1.4 These T&C come into effect as soon as you register an account, and by doing so you indicate to 24Vivo that you have read these T&C and accept them. By using any of the websites, you indicate that you agree to these T&C.

1.5 You should read these T&C carefully in their entirety before registering an account. If you do not agree with any provision of these T&C, you must not use or continue to use the website.

1.6 You fully understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein and that they may be amended by us from time to time.

1.7 24Vivo reserves the right to modify and amend this Agreement at any time with or without prior notice.

  1. Account Opening and its Use

2.1 To place a real money bet on games within this website, you must open an account on this website.

2.2 When registering an account, you are asked to provide your accurate personal information. This includes your name, date of birth, current address, phone number, and email. You must also confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

2.3 Your personal data stored in your account must be up to date at all times.

2.4 Players are prohibited from using someone else's data. All personal data used when opening an account must be yours and must be completely accurate.

2.5 Players are limited to one account on the website. If we find existing evidence that there are multiple open or 'multiple ledger' accounts, then we may deem it necessary and retain the right to close all associated accounts with immediate effect and cancel each and every transaction. Game blocking and prize distribution are also included in this.

2.6 By registering an account, you agree that we are allowed to process and store your personal information governed by privacy laws. Data and personal details are handled in accordance with our own privacy policy which is available to view on this website.

2.7 Any funds held in your Player Account will not accrue interest. You will not be able to place any bets using the Company Services for any amount greater than the amount of money available in your Player Account. You will not treat the Company as a financial institution.

2.8 You fully understand the methods, rules and procedures of the Company Services and internet gambling in general. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that the betting and game details are correct. You will not commit any act or display any conduct that damages the reputation of the Company.

2.9 You are solely responsible for registering, paying and accounting before any governmental, tax or other authority for any taxes or other levies that you must pay for any profit that is paid to you. 

2.10 You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Player Account, including Your Username and Password and for restricting access to Your computer, and you accept full responsibility for all activities that occur on Your Player Account. You must keep Your Username and Password confidential and You must not disclose them.

2.11 You will be solely responsible for all transactions carried out in relation to your Player Account using your Username and Password. We will assume that anyone who identifies themselves by entering Your correct Username and Password will be You, and all transactions in which your Username and Password have been entered correctly will be considered valid and authorized by you.

2.12 Your Player Account may be comprised of a real money fund balance and a bonus fund balance. If you have both real money funds and bonus funds in your Player Account, the next bet you make will use real money funds first.

2.13 We may, in our sole discretion, deny the registration and assignment of a Player Account to a person, or close a Player Account, and limit or decline a bet amount. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, in the event that a Player Account is closed or denied, We will fulfill the contractual obligations already contracted.


  1. Compliance with the Law

3.1 The availability of the Company Services does not imply an offer or invitation by us to use the Company Services if you reside in a country or region where the use is prohibited by law, or within any jurisdiction where the Company , in your sole discretion, choose not to offer the Company Services.

3.2 You accept full responsibility for determining whether Your use of the Company Services is legal in the country / region where You live and / or in any country / region where You log in to use the Company Services. The Company will not be responsible for any illegal or unauthorised use of the Company Services by You, as We cannot verify the legality of the use in each jurisdiction, and You are solely responsible for verifying the legality of using the Services. before logging into the Company Services. Seek advice in the applicable jurisdiction if You have questions about the legality of Your use of the Company's Services under the laws of any jurisdiction that applies to You.

3.3 By law, you may only use the Services if you are eighteen (18) years of age or the legal age of majority as determined by the laws of the country where you live, which will only be valid if the age of majority in your jurisdiction is eighteen. (18) years or more ("Legally of Age"). We reserve the right to hold any funds in your account until your age is verified.

3.4 We reserve the right to request evidence of your age at any time in order to ensure that minors do not use the Company's Services. Furthermore, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Player Account and exclude you, temporarily or permanently, from using the Company's Services if you do not provide satisfactory proof and your Player Account will be closed in compliance with applicable regulations. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse and / or limit bets and / or stake amounts, winnings will be forfeited and withdrawals will be returned to the account from which deposits were made. The decision will be final, binding and will not be subject to appeal. If you do not provide satisfactory proof of your age.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1 For the avoidance of any doubt, the Company is the owner or licensee of the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights and / or the Interactive System and the Games offered through the Company's Services. Players and potential Players do not acquire rights thereto when using the Company Services. In addition, other content related to the Company's Services, including, but not limited to, software, images, photographs, graphics, animations, videos, music, audio and text (the "Mobile and Site Content") belong to the Company or one of its companies and / or its licensees, and are protected by copyright and / or intellectual property and other rights. Players and prospective Players acknowledge and agree that they are only permitted to use the Company Services as expressly set forth in this Agreement, and that such Players and prospective Players do not obtain any rights to the Site and Mobile Content or any portion thereof. Under no circumstances may you use the Site and Mobile Content without the Company's prior written consent.

4.2 All content and use of the Company Services is for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use is strictly prohibited and You will be solely responsible for any damage, cost or expense arising out of or in connection with the commission of any prohibited activity.


  1. Improper Use of the Website Services

By disclosing these terms you confirm that:

5.1 You do not deposit funds that originate from criminal and / or unauthorized activities.

5.2 You do not otherwise engage in criminal activities and / or attempt to use your Player Account in connection with such activities.

5.3 You are not using, nor do you plan to use, nor do you intend to allow any other person to use, your Player Account in connection with the Company Services for any prohibited or illegal activity, including, but not limited to, fraud or money laundering, under the laws of your jurisdiction or any other applicable law in any other jurisdiction.

5.4 The details of the credit or debit cards or any means of payment used to deposit funds in your Player Account, obtained when you signed up to use the Company's Services, are those of the holder of the Player Account and said cards. they are not lost, stolen or found (reported as lost). Without prejudice to the foregoing, if You use a credit or debit card or any other form of payment that is not in your name, we will assume that You have obtained the full and sufficient consent of the rightful owner and / or the person whose name is used in said payment instrument before carrying out a transaction with us, to make use of said payment instrument for the purposes presented in this document.

5.5 You will not break into, access or attempt to break into the Company Services. If there is any suspicion of breaking into the Company Services, we will immediately close your Player Account and confiscate all funds available through that account until our investigation is complete, and we will inform the appropriate authorities.

5.6 You will not engage in any fraudulent, conspiracy, fix or illegal activities of any kind in connection with Your participation or that of third parties in any of the Games.

5.7 You do not use Artificial Intelligence. We constantly review the use of the Services to detect the use of AI Software and, if We consider that it has been used, We reserve the right to take whatever action we consider appropriate, including immediately blocking access to the offending user to the Services, close the account of said user and confiscate all the money available in said account.

5.8 We reserve the right to suspend, change, modify, add or delete any Game used by the Company Services without any prior notice to our Players and with immediate effect. We will not be liable for any loss suffered by You resulting from any of the changes made and You will not make any claim against the Company in relation to that matter.


  1. Deposits and Withdrawals

6.1 You can only participate in the Games if you have sufficient Real Money Funds or Bonuses in your member account for such participation. 24Vivo.com will not grant any type of virtual credit for participating in any of the Games.

6.2 24Vivo.com may, under certain circumstances, credit a player's account with a so-called "bonus". 24Vivo.com determines the conditions for crediting the bonus (for example, the first deposit bonus) and the amount of the bonus and sets them on the website from time to time. Before complying with the billing conditions of the voucher, if you transfer or withdraw the principal deposit amount, the bonus funds and all winnings from this bonus will be forfeited.

6.3 To fund your member account, you can transfer funds from your personal wallets or other accounts related to virtual funds available at the site's cashier.

6.4 We reserve the right to use additional procedures and means to verify your identity.

6.5 Please note that bonuses come with specific bonus terms and conditions.

6.6 When depositing funds into your account balance, we will make these funds available to you within 24 hours or much earlier when possible. The time it takes for the payment processors and / or the financial institution to process the payment is not included in this time period.

6.7 A Player with a valid Player Account may withdraw his winnings in accordance with the cash withdrawal limits described in the Withdrawal Policy.

6.8 You understand that all financial account transactions will be handled by Us, or by third party electronic payment processors and / or financial institutions on Our behalf and that financial account transactions must be verified to prevent money laundering.

6.9 We reserve the right to refuse payment through any payment method, such as certain credit cards, personal checks, electronic wallets and any other type of payment method. We reserve the right to credit you using the same method with which you previously deposited, as long as the method used allows it.

6.10 In accordance with our withdrawal policy, you are allowed to withdraw your balance at any time you choose if the terms and conditions within the withdrawal policy are met.

6.11 When players withdraw winnings, it is their responsibility to know and comply with the relevant tax laws of their country of residence.

  1. Refund Policies

7.1 No refund of funds subject to wagering restrictions or requirements can be completed.

7.2 If You request a refund or reverse transaction, We may require further verification of Your identity in order to comply with Our legal and / or regulatory obligations or to prevent fraudulent or illegal behavior. In addition, we may withhold any refund or reverse transaction until We have determined Your identity in accordance with applicable laws. In the event that you are unable to satisfy our additional identity verification requirement, we will take the required steps to ensure that we comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. This may require that We reject Your request for a refund or reverse transaction, close Your Account, and may result in Your forfeiture of funds. You may not have the right of appeal from such action, except where such right of appeal is required by applicable law in the country or state in which You live, and this is not prevented by Our own legal and regulatory obligations.

7.3 You will not be prevented from making your withdrawals of:

7.3.1 Winnings from bets with funds on your deposit balance.

7.3.2 Winnings from any bonus that is not subject to wagering requirements or restrictions, except where withdrawals are prevented to enforce legal and regulatory obligations.




  1. Exclusion of Guarantees

8.1 You fully agree, accept and understand that by using this website you do so at your own risk. This website and all associated content, software and systems are provided to you "as is" and do not include warranties, conditions or any representations, either expressly or implicitly. This extends to, but is not limited to, business conditions, capacity and adaptability to a specific purpose, issues of satisfactory quality, completion or accuracy of the services and of the Internet Site with respect to the breach of the respective rules and current laws.

8.2 We do not undertake or guarantee that the service / services offered by this website are authorized, nor do we guarantee that the customer will be satisfied with the operation of the website or that it will be free of errors or malfunctions, that it receives periodic updates. , corrections to defective software, that the website and its software are free of viruses and errors, that the website is adequate, nor do we guarantee that the material is correct and reliable, or that the site and its services will be uninterrupted.

8.3 You are fully responsible for financial loss and risk, including but not limited to changes in exchange rates.

8.4 We will not be responsible for legal actions and / or other actions against the user in which it is committed due to the misuse of our service.

8.5 The company is not responsible in case of problems in the system or in the communication media, due to viruses or errors, any damage, cost, expense, loss or claim arising from said problems.

8.6 You agree and agree that we, the company, cannot be held liable in any way for losses, liabilities, damages, costs and / or expenses arising as a result of your use of this website, participating in games, accepting prizes or earnings, using the website software, using any of the materials or, in general, using the website in any way.

8.7 You hereby acknowledge and agree that gambling may result in the loss of money and that all losses that You incur as a result of gambling through the Company Services will be Your sole responsibility.

8.8 Your decision to use the Company's Services is made at your sole discretion, risk and responsibility.

8.9 You confirm that we will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuation of the Company Services.

8.10 In cases of malfunction of the game, bet or system, all bets and / or bet amounts will be void.

  1. Compensation

9.1 You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers completely harmless against all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising from any violation of this Agreement for You, and any other liability resulting from Your use of the Company Services, or from the use of any other person accessing the Company Services using Your User credentials, regardless of whether such use is with or without Your express authorization.

9.2 In addition to any other available remedy, if you violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that You have violated the terms and conditions of this Agreement, in addition to any other remedies available to the Company, Your winnings will be void at the sole discretion of the Company, and the Company may retain any positive balance that then exists in Your Player Account for any damages or other amounts of money that You owe to the Company after investigation and / or conclusion. of a legal procedure. Failure to comply with this Agreement may also result in disqualification, closure of the Player Account and / or legal action against You.


  1. Changes to the Agreement

10.1 We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service, the Game Rules, the Bonus Policy and the Cash Withdrawal Policy at any time, so we encourage you to revisit this page frequently to be updated with any amendment to these terms. We will provide advance notice to you through your account of important changes to these Terms of Service (and any related terms) and / or send you an email regarding such changes to the email address linked to your account. Such material changes will take effect seven (7) days after providing such notice by any of the aforementioned methods. Otherwise, all other changes to these Terms of Services are effective as of the date mentioned as "Last Updated" and your continued use of the Services after the Last revision date will represent acceptance of such changes and the agree to abide by them.

10.2 If you do not accept the changes made to this Agreement and / or the Privacy Policy, the Game Rules, the Bonus Policy and the Cash Withdrawal Policy, you should immediately cease all activity on your Player Account, including using the Services. Company, close your Player Account and request that we unsubscribe from all of our Company Services mailing lists.



11.1 You hereby acknowledge and agree that it is necessary for 24Vivo.com to collect and use your personal data to enable you to access and use the website and participate in the Games.

11.2 24Vivo.com hereby acknowledges that by collecting your personal data as stated in the provision above, we are subject to data protection legislation. 24Vivo.com will protect your personal information and respect your privacy in accordance with best business practices and applicable laws.

11.3 24Vivo.com will only use Your personal data to enable You to participate in the Games and to carry out operations relevant to Your participation in the Games. All staff members will have access to your personal data in order to perform their duties.

11.4 Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless such disclosure is necessary to process your requests in relation to your participation in the Games. You hereby consent to such disclosures.

11.5 As an individual, you can exercise your right to access the data that 24Vivo.com holds about you by submitting your request in writing. While every reasonable effort will be made to keep your information up to date, we kindly ask that you inform us of any changes to the personal data held by 24Vivo.com. In any case, if you consider that certain information about you is inaccurate, you can request the rectification of said data. You also have the right to request the blocking or erasure of data that has been processed illegally.