The 24Vivo team will study the possibility of returning amounts that may remain in the balance of a user account, taking into account internal procedures implemented to ensure compliance with the Law.

In the event that no risk of favoring activities related to fraud or money laundering is considered, may return the amounts that may remain in the user's gaming account in the following cases:

• If the non-resident user has not sent their identity documentation in accordance with the required conditions and within the stipulated period.

• If at a time after registering as a user of, it is detected that the user is not over the age of majority, an essential requirement to be able to participate in the gambling offer as established by the applicable gambling legislation.

• If the user requests the voluntary closure of their user account without detecting illegal or suspected activity, in this case the return could be made in installments.

• If behavior contrary to the rules of use of the game offer is detected, the withdrawal policies or the conditions of access or use of the promotions offered.

• If a reversal of any deposit made to the Gaming Account has been requested without having justifiable reasons to consider the deposit as fraudulent.

• If proceeds to close or suspend the user account for breach of any other clause specified in the Gaming Contract and the Conditions of Use.